Julie Metta

Julie Metta

Postdoctoral Researcher

TiSEM: Tilburg School of Economics and Management
TiSEM: Department of Economics


Julie Metta is a postdoc in circular economy and its interactions with climate change at TiSEM Julie Metta. She obtained her Ph.D. in economics from KU Leuven (Belgium). She specializes in circular economy and environmental economics and develops innovative models for the circular economy. Julie previously promoted climate and environmental policies at the French Consulate in Hong Kong, was research assistant at City University of Hong Kong, and founded "Sous les déchets, la plage" for environmental awareness. Since 2019, she has been active in the Leuven maker community and co-founded Labdoo.org Belgium Hub.



Current other affiliations

Current projects

Past projects

  • Putting circular textile into work – The employment potential of circular clothing in the Netherlands (2020-2021) – report available online and a summary can be downloaded here
  • Building Capacities and Strategies of Trade Union Involvement in shaping a Just Transition towards a Sustainable and Decarbonised Industry (2020-2022) - report available here online 

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