dr. Maria Cavalcanti

dr. Maria Cavalcanti

Assistant Professor

TLS: Tilburg Law School
TLS: Public Law and Governance


I am an Assistant Professor of Jurisprudence at the Department of Public Law and Governance. I graduate in Law at the Lumsa University of Rome where I obtain a PhD in Civil Economy and Governance and I worked as Post-doc researcher collaborating on several research projects and teaching in the course of Comparative Constitutional law.


My academic background and research interests are focused on comparative constitutional law and in particular on legal pluralism, minority rights, multiculturalism and interculturalism, Islamic law, rule of law and climate change litigation


Recent publications

  1. Fonti del diritto e cambiamento climatico - Il ruolo dei dati tecnico…

    Cavalcanti, M. (2023). Fonti del diritto e cambiamento climatico: Il ruolo dei dati tecnico-scientifici nella giustizia climatica in Europa. Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo, 58(2), 329-344.
  2. From the Ottoman millet to neo-milletism - Israel and Lebanon in comp…

    Cavalcanti, M., & Parrilli, A. (2023). From the Ottoman millet to neo-milletism: Israel and Lebanon in comparison. Calumet.Intercultural law and humanities review, 2023(18), 95-117.
  3. Giurisdizioni alternative e legal pluralism - Le minoranze islamiche …

    Cavalcanti, M. (2023). Giurisdizioni alternative e legal pluralism: Le minoranze islamiche negli ordinamenti costituzionali occidentali. Editoriale Scientifica.
  4. Islamic family law and legal pluralism approach - Case studies of rea…

    Cavalcanti, M. (2022). Islamic family law and legal pluralism approach: Case studies of reasonable accommodation in Europe. IUS COMPARATUM, 2022(2), 352-388. https://aidc-iacl.org/journal/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2022/02/11.-Maria-Francesca-Cavalcanti-Islamic-family-law-and-legal-pluralism-approach-case-studies-of-reasonable-accommodation-in-Europe-pp.-352-388.pdf
  5. Muslim religious jurisdiction - Neo Millet System in Israel and Greece

    Cavalcanti, M. (2021). Muslim religious jurisdiction: Neo Millet System in Israel and Greece. Comparative Law Review, 11(1), 143-181.

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