As Dean of the Tilburg School of Theology (2014-2021) my main task (0.6 fte) is to contribute to the flourishing of teaching and research at TST through efficient administration. Key terms are: improving the quality and impact of our research, internationalisation (both in teaching and in research), fostering TST's embedding in the Dutch Church province, creating Nachwuchs and guaranteeing a stimulating working environment. Though I consider myself to be an academic researcher and teacher rather than a professional manager, I have come to enjoy administration. It is not only through publications, but also through administration that I can make a difference.


Recent publications

  1. The Enduring Significance of Thomas Aquinas - Essays in Honor of Henk…

    ten Klooster, A., Goris, H. (Ed.), & Sarot, M. (Ed.) (2023). The Enduring Significance of Thomas Aquinas: Essays in Honor of Henk Schoot and Rudi te Velde. Peeters.
  2. Beelden van Maria

    Sarot, M. (2022). Beelden van Maria. Vieren: Tijdschrift voor liturgie en spiritualiteit, (3), 6-11.
  3. De Theologische betekenis van de liefde van Christus

    Sarot, M. (2022). De Theologische betekenis van de liefde van Christus. Overeen, 49(2), 2.
  4. Emoties

    Sarot, M. (2022). Emoties. In NBV 2021 met bijdragen over geloof, cultuur en wetenschap (pp. 1277). Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap.
  5. Geloof en rede in de middeleeuwen

    Sarot, M. (2022). Geloof en rede in de middeleeuwen. Sophie, 12(2), 10-13.

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