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As Dean of the Tilburg School of Theology (2014-2021) my main task (0.6 fte) is to contribute to the flourishing of teaching and research at TST through efficient administration. Key terms are: improving the quality and impact of our research, internationalisation (both in teaching and in research), fostering TST's embedding in the Dutch Church province, creating Nachwuchs and guaranteeing a stimulating working environment. Though I consider myself to be an academic researcher and teacher rather than a professional manager, I have come to enjoy administration. It is not only through publications, but also through administration that I can make a difference.


Recent publications

  1. Wat Lewis dwarszit in de theologie

    Sarot, M. (2018). Wat Lewis dwarszit in de theologie. Wapenveld, 68(1), 27-33.
  2. God is groter

    Sarot, M. (2018). God is groter: Geloofsverantwoording en de grenzen van onze Godsbeelden. Kontekstueel, 33(2), 14-17.
  3. The Apostes' Creed

    Sarot, M., & van Wieringen, A. (2018). The Apostes' Creed: ‘He Descended into Hell’. (Studies in Theology and Religion; Vol. 24). Leiden: Brill.
  4. The Scope of Redemption

    Sarot, M. (2018). The Scope of Redemption: On Finding Meaning on Christ's Descent into Hell. In M. Sarot, & A. Van Wieringen (Eds.), The Apostles's Creed: He Descended into Hell (pp. 185-206). (Studies in Theology and Religion; Vol. 24).
  5. Theology from the Abyss

    Sarot, M., & van Wieringen, A. (2018). Theology from the Abyss: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Christ’s Descent into Hell. In M. Sarot, & A. van Wieringen (Eds.), The Apostles’ Creed: ‘He Descended into Hell’ (Vol. 24, pp. 1-8). (Studies in Theology and Religion ; Vol. 24). Brill.

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