Niken Astiningrum

Niken Astiningrum


TLS: Tilburg Law School
TLS: Private, Business and Labour Law


Niken Astiningrum is a lecturer Private Law a/o Business Law at TLS Private, Business and Labour Law of Tilburg Law School within Tilburg University. She wrote her Master's thesis at the University of Groningen and her Bachelor's thesis at the University of Indonesia. Before joining Tilburg Law School, she worked as a corporate lawyer for nearly eight years in several different law firms in Jakarta, Indonesia.


During her career as a corporate lawyer, she handled commercial transactions that includes drafting agreements and other legal documents, conducting legal negotiations, structuring merger and acquisition; as well as liaising with clients from different nationalities in various business fields such as properties development, coal mining, oil and gas, information and technology, power plants, and plantation. She also participated as an of counsel for Indonesian law in the settlement of an international commercial dispute at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, in addition to providing advice for diverse commercial and corporate litigations.


She implements her professional experience to the furthest extent possible when teaching a course. She finds it very important for law students to understand how to apply the theories they have learned in classes on real legal issues, along with the challenges and excitement of working in the legal field. It is her aim to add her exposure to numerous transactions and cases to complement the materials being taught.


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