Natascha Rietdijk MA

Natascha Rietdijk MA

PhD Candidate

TSHD: Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
TSHD: Department of Philosophy


My name is Natascha Rietdijk. I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at TiLPS. I investigate so-called "post-truth" politics: a type of political rhetoric which seems unconcerned with truth. My research focuses on the question what this newly popular style of doing politics means for the way people acquire and share knowledge.


I am interested in various topics in ethics, political philosophy, moral psychology and social epistemology, including among others:

  • The ethics of manipulation
  • Propaganda and political communication
  • Autonomy, self-knowledge and authenticity
  • (Declining) trust in knowledge institutions (such as the mainstream media and universities)
  • Conditions for democracy


I have taught courses in Philosophical Anthropology (ancient and modern), Social and Political Philosophy, and Contemporary Political Philosophy, as well as various courses for non-philosophy students including Philosophy of Science, Business Ethics, and an introduction to the history of philosophy.

Recent publications

  1. Online affective manipulation

    Wildman, N., Rietdijk, N., & Archer, A. (2022). Online affective manipulation. In F. Jongepier, & M. Klenk (Eds.), The Philosophy of Online Manipulation (1st ed., pp. 311-326). Routledge.
  2. Post-Truth, False Balance and Virtuous Gatekeeping

    Rietdijk, N., & Archer, A. (2021). Post-Truth, False Balance and Virtuous Gatekeeping. In N. E. Snow, & M. S. Vaccarezza (Eds.), Virtues, Democracy, and Online Media: Ethical and Epistemic Issues Routledge.
  3. Post-truth Politics and Collective Gaslighting

    Rietdijk, N. (2021). Post-truth Politics and Collective Gaslighting. Episteme.
  4. Radicalizing Populism and the Making of an Echo Chamber - The Case of…

    Rietdijk, N. (2021). Radicalizing Populism and the Making of an Echo Chamber: The Case of the Italian Anti-Vaccination Movement. Krisis: Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 41(1), 114-134.
  5. Italiaans populisme en de anti-vax echokamer

    Rietdijk, N. (2020). Italiaans populisme en de anti-vax echokamer. Wijsgerig perspectief, 2.

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