Having grown up in Jerusalem during the second Palestinian uprising, I became interested in politics and international relations at a young age. I am particularly interested in the sources of conflict and the solutions thereto. Having one leg in Europe, and the other in the Middle East, I am particularly focused on the Middle East region although I maintain an interest in post-Soviet states. As part of my PhD study, I am investigating Palestinian and Israeli youth activists, their ideologies, and the propagation of discourses in the online sphere. The study aims to understand how youth activists understand themselves, their identities and histories in light of their future and peace, as well as shape public opinion on the conflict.


My primary field of study is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and narratives. Much of my career has been dedicated to this topic including through the publication of a book: Peace to Unity, a Framework for Peace Between Palestine and Israel, several webinars including at Queen's University Belfast, and presently my PhD. I have a particular interest in how online activist discourses and narratives shape the views of Palestinians and Israelis regarding their future, and how these relate to peace models other than the Two-State Solution. In addition, I investigate how online activists use algorithms to their advantage when propagating their message. 


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