Rieks Hekman MA BSc

Rieks Hekman MA BSc

PhD Candidate

TST: Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
TST: Texts in Contexts


My name is Rieks Hekman. Having obtained a Bachelor's degree in applied physics, I switched to studying theology in 2015, focusing first on exegesis and later on systematic theology. Currently, I am affiliated with the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology as a PhD Candidate. I work in the field of systematic theology on the question of the Christian view(s) on the final destination of non-human reality ('cosmic eschatology'). Combining perspectives from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and contemporary reflection, my aim is to further insight in this fascinating but often neglected area of theology, not only in order to retrieve a forgotten strain of intellectual (cultural and religious) heritage, but also with an eye to current debates on climate and ecology, for which the question of the ultimate meaning and destination of non-human creation is of particular relevance.


Working in the discipline of systematic theology, in my PhD research, I focus on the question of the eschatological consummation of non-human reality ('cosmic eschatology'). My aim is to broaden the scope of contemporary eschatological reflection, often (still) preoccupied almost exclusively with human individuals and humanity as such, by retrieving classical (i.e. patristic and medieval) theological ideas about the Christian hope for "a new heaven and a new earth", and connecting them with the 20th-century (and currently still exceptionally influential) eschatological frameworks developed by Karl Rahner and Jürgen Moltmann.

Before pursuing my PhD in systematic theology, I did some exegetical work on the book of Jeremiah (specifically Jeremiah 29).

Top publications

  1. 'Hear the Word of the Lord!' - The Structure of Jeremiah 29 and its C…

    Hekman, R. N. (2023). 'Hear the Word of the Lord!': The Structure of Jeremiah 29 and its Communicative Implications. Revue Biblique, 130(3), 378-398.
  2. Communicatie in Jeremia 29 - Een conflict in brieven

    Hekman, R. (2020). Communicatie in Jeremia 29: Een conflict in brieven. Schrift , 52(2), 19-25. https://www.theologie.nl/artikelen/bijbel-en-exegese/communicatie-in-jeremia-29/
  3. Handboek Vakdidactiek Levensbeschouwing & Religie - Leven Leren vanui…

    van Dijk-Groeneboer, M. C. H. (Ed.), Praamsma, J. M. (Ed.), Hekman, R. (Ed.), Kemman, J. (Ed.), de Beer, T. (Ed.), de Pater, J. (Ed.), Kienstra, N. (Ed.), Hein, J. (Ed.), Hamers, K. (Ed.), Boelens, O., van Wilgenburg, A. (Ed.), de Groot, I. (Ed.), den Ouden, J. (Ed.), Quartel, J. (Ed.), & Kruiper, M. (Ed.) (2020). Handboek Vakdidactiek Levensbeschouwing & Religie: Leven Leren vanuit je Wortels. Expertisecentrum Levensbeschouwing en Religie in het Voortgezet Onderwijs (LERVO). https://expertisecentrumlervo.nl/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Digitale-versie-Handboek-Vakdidactiek-Levensbeschouwing-Religie.pdf
  4. Perspectief van de leerling

    van Dijk-Groeneboer, M. C. H., & Hekman, R. (2020). Perspectief van de leerling. In M. van Dijk-Groeneboer (Ed.), Handboek Vakdidactiek Levensbeschouwing en Religie: Leven en leren vanuit je wortels (pp. 27-39)

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