Dr. Simone Ashby is an Assistant Professor in Communication and Cognition at Tilburg University, where she teaches courses in New Media Design. As an interdisciplinary scholar and educator, Simone brings together approaches from ethnography, human-centered design, speech science, and computational linguistics for transforming data into media and helping people become more connected and empowered in their communities.


Recent publications

  1. With All Caveats: Manifesto Writing in an Age of Uncertainty

    Hanna, J., & Ashby, S. (2023). With All Caveats: Manifesto Writing in an Age of Uncertainty. FoAM Anarchive.
  2. Increasing the UX Maturity Level of Clients - A Study of Best Practic…

    Buis, E., Ashby, S., & Kouwenberg, K. (2022). Increasing the UX Maturity Level of Clients: A Study of Best Practices in an Agile Environment. Information and Software Technology, 154, [107086].
  3. Reflections on manifesto writing

    Hanna, J., & Ashby, S. (2022). Reflections on manifesto writing. Multimodality and Society, 2(1), 23-30.
  4. Cultural Probes for Environmental Education - Designing Learning Mate…

    Matos, S., Silva, A. R., Arroz, A. M., Sousa, D., Picanço, A., Amorim, I. R., Ashby, S., & Gabriel, R. (2022). Cultural Probes for Environmental Education: Designing Learning Materials to Engage Children and Teenagers with Local Biodiversity. PLOS ONE.
  5. MANIFESTO! Now - Game Design for Revolutionary Thinking

    Hanna, J., Ashby, S., Nash, C., Matos, S., & Faria, A. (2021). MANIFESTO! Now: Game Design for Revolutionary Thinking. In Proceedings of Cumulus Conference 2021: Design Culture(s) (pp. 4160-4173). Cumulus and the Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research.

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