Stefan Trautmann received his PhD in Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2009. He was a post-doc at the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University for two years, and then became an assistant professor and subsequently tenured associate professor at the Department of Economics at Tilburg University. In 2014 he was appointed full professor of Behavioral Finance at Heidelberg University. Stefan Trautmann is an associate editor at various journals, including Management Science, Journal of Economic Psychology and PLOS ONE. His research interests concern financial decision making under uncertainty, social preferences and ethics, and the psychology of economic decision making more generally. His work has been published in leading economics, finance and psychology outlets such as the American Economic Review, Psychological Science, and Management Science. He served as a consulting expert to the World Bank, the European Commission, and the German Federal Institute for


Financial decisions under risk and uncertainty; social preferences and ethics; psychology of economic behavior


Recent publications

  1. Investment preferences and risk perception - Financial agents versus …

    Kling, L., Koenig-Kersting, C., & Trautmann, S. T. (2023). Investment preferences and risk perception: Financial agents versus clients. Journal of Banking & Finance, 154, Article 106489.
  2. A test of (weak) certainty independence

    Koenig-Kersting, C., Kops, C., & Trautmann, S. T. (2023). A test of (weak) certainty independence. Journal of Economic Theory, 209, Article 105623.
  3. Implementing (un)fair procedures - Containing favoritism when unequal…

    Schmidt, R., & Trautmann, S. T. (2023). Implementing (un)fair procedures: Containing favoritism when unequal outcomes are inevitable. Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 39(1), 199-234.
  4. High-status Individuals are held to higher ethical standards

    Trautmann, S., Wang, X., Wang, Y., & Xu, Y. (2023). High-status Individuals are held to higher ethical standards. Scientific Reports, 13, Article 15111.
  5. Procedural fairness and equality of opportunity

    Trautmann, S. T. (2023). Procedural fairness and equality of opportunity. Journal of Economic Surveys, 37(5), 1697-1714.

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