Yudi Liu

PhD Candidate

TSHD: Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
TSHD: Department of Culture Studies


I am Yudi Liu, PhD candidate from China. I finished my master degree in Beijing International Studies University in Beijing, where I focuesd on ethnic identity as my main area. Here in Tilburg University, my focus is Family Language Policy (FLP) among Chithe incestigating nese communities living in the Netherlands. Specifically, I am interested in the child agent in those families and investigating the results from multiple dimensions.

Recent publications

  1. Connection self-report and physiological data through speed-dating

    Ward, P., Shahvali, M., Mitas, O., Boode, W., Li, S., Liu, Y., & Bastiaansen, M. (2023). Connection self-report and physiological data through speed-dating. https://www⁠.worldleisurenz.com/

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