Hello, I am Yvette Drissen and I am currently doing my Ph.D. at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands. My research title is: When Success Becomes the New Normal: The Competitive Society and its Symptoms.

I rack my brain over questions such as, how to define competition? What are the moral limits of competition in societies? How is competition related to inequality and (the ideal of) the meritocracy? How meritorious are those who are considered 'winners'? And how does competition affect our wellbeing and in particular our emotional states (our sens of self-worth, self-esteem, anxiety, shame, pride, the feeling of victory, et cetera).

I am also interested in more practical questions, such as how to organise academia and other work environments in less competitive ways? How to implement more cooperative ways of learning in education?


- Political Philosophy

- Applied Ethics

- Moral Psychology (interest)


- Seminars Philosophy of Science for Psychology students (service teaching)

- Seminars Business Ethics for Business Economics students (service teaching)

- One lecture on competition for the Master's course 'Zin en Waarde van Werk' for Philosophy students



- Member of the Ethics Committee at the hospital in Tilburg (het Elizabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis)

- Chair of the National OZSW PhD Council (Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte)


- Member of the department's Diversity Committee

Recent publications

  1. Goed kan altijd beter (dan anderen) - Wat we allemaal verliezen in de…

    Drissen, Y. (Author). (2020). Goed kan altijd beter (dan anderen): Wat we allemaal verliezen in de strijd voor de winst. Digital or Visual Products, Bij Nader Inzien.
  2. Studiestress: een cursus ‘Lekker in je vel’ gaat studenten niet verde…

    Drissen, Y. (Author). (2020). Studiestress: een cursus ‘Lekker in je vel’ gaat studenten niet verder helpen. Digital or Visual Products, Bij Nader Inzien.

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