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dr. A.T.M. Archer

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy



I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy. My primary research is in moral philosophy, particularly supererogation (acts beyond the call of duty), the relationship between morality and self-interest and the moral psychology of saints and heroes. I also have research interests in aesthetics, political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophy of religion and the philosophy of sport. 


Principal publications

  • (2016) "Community, Pluralism and Individual Pursuits: A Defence of Why Not Socialism?" Social Theory and Practice (Vol.42 No.1). 
  •  (2015) "Saints, Heroes and Moral Necessity" Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplementary Volume  
  • (2015) The Heroism Paradox: Another Paradox of Supererogation, (Co-Authored with Mike Ridge) Philosophical Studies (Vol. 172 No.6 pp.1575 ? 1592).
  • (2014) Moral Rationalism Without Overridingness, Ratio (Vol. 27 No.1 pp.100-114)
  • (Forthcoming) The Supererogatory and How Not To Accommodate It? Utilitas

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Last amended: 06 January 2016