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dr. D.H. Augenstein

Associate Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance

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My research focusses on human rights in their constitutional, international and global dimensions. It examines the transformation of human rights under conditions of globalisation where different (state and non-state) regimes of protection intersect and compete with each other. My research draws on insights from legal and political philosophy, constitutional law and theory, and European, international and global law.

My research on business and human rights deals with challenges to state-based paradigms of human rights protection posed by global business operations. It examines the detachment of the law and politics of human rights from the international order of states, with particular focus on the transformation of the public/private divide and the territoriality/extraterritoriality divide. In this context I am also interested in emerging global regimes of human rights protection such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises or the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Another strand of my research deals with European integration and trans-national human rights jurisprudence. Focussing on the European Union (EU Charter of Fundamental Rights) and the Council of Europe (European Convention on Human Rights) I study the institutional and normative parameters of human rights protection "beyond" the state. One particular interest pertains to the relationship between multi-layered human rights protection in the European legal space and the political integration process of the European Union.

I also have a long-standing research interest in the relationship between toleration and rights-based liberalism. My work in this area draws on analytical and continental philosophy to critically examine a number of common assumptions about the relationship between toleration and the liberal legal order committed to state neutrality and equal treatment (i.e. 'liberal tolerance' or 'tolerant liberalism). I am interested in the legal and political implications of liberalism's commitment to toleration, including questions of constitutionalism and the relationship between political unity and cultural diversity.


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Last amended: 13 July 2018