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dr. I.J.P. Sieben

Universitair docent 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences


Principal publications

  • Sieben, I. & L. Halman (2015). Public Good Morality in Post-Socialist European States?. Studies of Transition States and Societies, 7(1): 7-26.
  • Slenders, S., I. Sieben, I & E. Verbakel (2014). Tolerance towards homosexuality in Europe: Population composition, economic affluence, religiosity, same-sex union legislation, and HIV rates as explanations for country differences. International Sociology, 29(4): 348?367.  
  • Sieben, I. & L. Halman (2014). Religion and Parental Values in a Secularized Country: Evidence from the Netherlands. Social Compass, 61(1): 121-140.  
  • Sieben, I. & E. Verbakel (2013). Permissiveness Toward Divorce: The Influence of Divorce Experiences in Three Social Contexts. European Sociological Review, 29(6): 1175-1188.  
  • Halman, L., I. Sieben & M. van Zundert (2011). Atlas of European Values: Trends and Traditions at the turn of the Century. Leiden: Brill Publishers.  

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Last amended: 28 March 2017