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dr. J.W.G. (Sjaak) Korver

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Practical Theology and Religious Studies


Jacques Körver director of the University Center for Chaplaincy Studies since 2018 September, 1. This center is a joint venture of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology and the Protestant Theological University.


Jacques Körver is assistent professor practical theology, pastoral supervisor and CPE-supervisor (Clinical Pastoral Education). For 18 years, he has been a chaplain (hospital, elderly care, psychiatry). At this moment, he coordinates and supervises the practical training. Also he coordinates the Master program theology. In 2013 he finished his PhD on spiritual coping strategies of lung cancer patients. Since 2015 he leads the large scale Dutch Case Studies Project in Chaplaincy Care, together with professor Martin Walton (PThU). In this practice-driven effect research on goals, interventions, and effects of chaplaincy (in care, prison, army, and primary care) participate more than 50 chaplains, and 10 researchers from 4 different universities in the Netherlands. In addition, he is chief editor of the Dutch Tijdschrift Geestelijke Verzorging (Journal of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care), and a member of the Research Board of the professional association of chaplains / spiritual care givers in the Netherlands. Previously, he has specialized in the personality of ministers, conflicts in pastoral settings, the organizational context of pastoral work, and the development of the spiritual care profession. In 2014 he edited a book about innovative practices of chaplaincy: 'In het oog in het hart. Geestelijke verzorging 2.1' [In the eye in the heart. Spiritual care 2.1]. Together with professor Christa Anbeek (VU Amsterdam) he teaches the postgraduate course Playing with meaning.


Principal publications

  • (samen met M. Walton) (2017)Dutch Case Studies Project in Chaplaincy Care: A description and theoretical explanation of the format en procedures, Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 24(2), 257-280.
  • (samen met K. de Groot, C. Schuhmann, E. Sengers, L.G. Jansma, Eds.) (2017) Wat niet weg is is gezien. Religie en levensbeschouwing in publieke instellingen, Religie & Samenleving, 12(2/3), 172 pp.
  • (Ed., 2014) In het oog in het hart. Geestelijke verzorging 2.1. Nijmegen: Valkhof Pers, 160 pp.
  • (2013) Spirituele coping bij longkankerpatiënten. Eindhoven: in eigen beheer, 424 pp.

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Last amended: 28 October 2018