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dr. A.C.J. de Ruiter

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


Jan Jaap de Ruiter's interest is in the status and role of the Arabic language and of the religion of Islam in Western Europe and Morocco.

His publications, in diverse languages, among which French, centre on these themes and he participates in the debate on Arabic and Islam in national and international contexts.

He participated in many Dutch and European Research and Development Projects

Jan Jaap de Ruiter's personal website ( writes up his work, media appearances, publications, blogs and so forth. The website is being updated almost daily.


News items

Principal publications

  •         (2013) (eds.) Benítez-Fernández, M., C. Miller, J.J. de Ruiter & Y. Tamer. Evolution des pratiques et représentations langagières dans le Maroc du vingt-et-unième siècle. Paris: l?Harmattan, volumes I and II.
  •     (2014) Ruiter, J.J. de & K. Ziamari. Le marché sociolinguistique contemporain du Maroc. Paris : l?Harmattan, Espaces Discursifs.
  •     (2015) Ruiter, J.J. de. Het islamdebat ? laveren tussen uitersten, in: Religie & Samenleving. Moslims in Nederland. De sociale werkelijkheid van de islam, 10, 2, 192-203.
  • (2015) Meskine, D. & J.J. de Ruiter Young Moroccans are speaking out: the changing linguistic market of Morocco, in: Sociolinguistic Studies, 9, 1, 27-49.  

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Last amended: 23 May 2018