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T. (Tomislav) Chokrevski


Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


Tom Chokrevski is a PhD Researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT), the Netherlands. He received a Bachelor of Laws at the Justinianus Primus Faculty of Law in Skopje 2012. He followed a double LL.M track in Law & Technology at Tilburg Law School, along with the Research Master in Law, a two-year joint program with K.U. Leuven. He graduated from Tilburg Law School in 2016.
His research interests involve the collision of converging technologies and socio-legal contexts, in particular bio- and neuro-technologies, and how they challenge the current social and legal norms.
He is currently researching the legal classification of neural signals, and the legal consequences for data protection, privacy, and (intellectual) property regimes when bodily, digital and information concepts overlap.


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Last amended: 23 September 2016