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prof. dr. A.J.J.M. (Ad) Vingerhoets

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Medical and Clinical Psychology


Dr. Vingerhoets' expertise is in the areas of stress, emotions, and quality of life. His special interest is devoted to specific themes like crying and stress and leisure, as well as the development of new assessment tools to measure quality of life. He published more than 300 articles in (inter)national scientific journals and wrote/edited 19 books (see also:

February 2013, his new book "Why humans weep. Unravelling the mysteries of tears" (published by Oxford University Press) has been released.

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What others say about "Why only humans weep. Unravelling the mysteries of tears".

"The highly visible waterworks that humans put on display present a puzzle. Why do we need a signal that other primates do without, and what exactly is its meaning? Densely packed with the latest research on weeping, this book is a must read for anyone interested in the topic."

Frans de Waal, author of "The Age of Empathy"

"Tears still are a poorly understood phenomenon among emotional phenomena, because humans are the only species who produce tears when experiencing certain emotions. This volume provides important contributions towards a better insight. It discusses all relevant problems and issues, in a more thorough way than has ever been done previously, it demonstrates the failures of some generally accepted suppositions, and comes up with some important first steps towards a better understanding of weeping. Why only humans weep. Unraveling the mysteries of tears is rich and interesting reading; I have learned a lot from reading it."

Nico H. Frijda, author of "The Emotions"

"Ad Vingerhoets' book is a wonderful invitation to the study of one of the most dramatic, if not the most dramatic, facial behaviors: crying. Researchers, practitioners and students will enjoy an extremely well structured, entertaining and complete guide to the conceptual and empirical advances in the study of crying. As Vingerhoets makes clear, understanding crying is definitely a crucial challenge on the path to understanding facial behavior and, by extension, human nature. This book is an important contribution to such an endeavor."

Jose-Miguel Fernandez-Dols - Madrid

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