TiSEM - Ronald de Jong

Professor of Practice Tilburg University

In 2017, Tilburg University introduced a new position, that of ‘Professor of Practice’, for innovative business leaders or entrepreneurs working in internationally oriented companies. By making this position available, Tilburg University wants to sustainably strengthen its impact on society and its ties with practice.

A Professor of Practice needs to be an inspiring role model for students and shares his/her practical experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm with students. In the field of research, he/she contributes to the social impact of our research and to applied science.

Joks Janssen (2021)

Appointed as Professor of Practice for ‘Broad Prosperity in the Region’. Janssen works for knowledge institution Het PON & Telos as a senior advisor and researcher in the field of sustainable regional development.

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Pascal Böni (2021)

Appointed as Professor of Practice in Finance & Private Debt. Böni is the CEO of Remaco, a Swiss advisory and securities firm and member of Nexia International. 

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Theo-Jan Renkema (2020)

Appointed as Professor of Practice in Data Analytics & Auditing. Renkema works for Rabobank as Head of the IT & Digital Audit Department.

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Peter de Kock (2019)

Appointed as Professor of Practice in data science in the field of crime and security. De Kock is founder and "Chief Imagination Officer" of Pandora Intelligence.

Jan Peter van den Toren (2018)

Appointed as Professor of Practice in ‘Entrepreneurship in Ecosystems’. Van den Toren will bring his personal entrepreneurship and his expertise in the field of stimulating entrepreneurship to bear on the education and research at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Van den Toren is a partner and managing director of Birch Consultants BV.

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Ronald de Jong (2017)

Business administration expert Ronald de Jong (1967), Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at Philips, was the first to be appointed as Professor of Practice. Since 2014, De Jong has been chairman of the Philips Foundation, an initiative to establish lasting social change and access to health care for disadvantaged communities through innovation and collaboration.

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