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Tilburg Law School offers highly-ranked national and international education and research in law and public administration.

Master's programs Tilburg Law School

The master's programs of Tilburg Law School have received international recognition. The programs are constructed around core themes and courses and allow the student a choice of specialisation. The master's courses find inspiration from the wide range of international students who come to study in Tilburg and prepares them for a future role in a professional, international working environment.

The programs are taught by highly qualified, experienced lecturers and students are monitored intensively and individually to encourage them to work independently.

Master's programs taught in English

LLM European Union Law

EU Law has become so crucial in the daily work of lawyers that solid expertise in these fields offers an excellent basis for an exciting legal career at home or abroad. Our LLM in International and European Law has been specifically designed to offer that in-depth specialized knowledge.

The EU track explores the constitutional, institutional, and economic foundations of EU law, preparing students for a wide range of careers. Student will acquire vital knowledge as well as the skills to applly those insights to concrete cases.

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LLM International Business Law

The LLM International Business Law provides you with a better knowledge and understanding of key business law topics including company law, business organizations, securities regulation, commercial law, and competition law.

The program offers you the opportunity to sharpen your skills in research, argumentation, communication, analysis, and (international) teamwork.

It takes you forward by developing the practical application of academic knowledge int the real world, where you are expected to be aware of business objectives in the broader social and economic context.

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LLM International Business Taxation: International Business Tax Law Track

In today's environment of largely globalizing national economies, multinational enterprises maintain a diversified range of cross-border economic relations. The diversity and complexity of cross-obrder economic relations rises numerous legal questions.

Students who finish this program will have the knowledge and understanding of these legal questions from an international business taxation perspective. Furthermore, the will be able to make judgements on possible ways of addressing pbolems and on the feasibility of solutions.

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LLM International Law and Global Governance

International Law basically regulates the relations between States, for example, in the domain of trade, peace and security, the environment, or another 'chamber' of international law. In this LLM program, the focus is on a high-level understanding of actors as companies and human rights law.

The Underlying and recurring cocepts relate to the 'humanization' and 'horizontalization' of the international political, economic, and legal order. Several courses have a multidisciplinary content ('law in context'), while all courses strongly build on research done by the lecturers, thus preparing the students for a state-of-the-art career in this fascinating domain.

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LLM Labour Law and Employment Relations

This master integrates the study of labour law with related areas such as employment relations, labour market and social policy, from an international and European perspective. The growing importance and number of multi-national enterprises as well as an increase in international employability call for a new type of specialist that is able to cope with international and comparative labor issues from a variety of perspectives.

This program’s approach will provide you with the skill-set modern professionals in employment relations need, with the opportunity to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive market.

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LLM Law and Technology

The exponential rate of technological innovation is raising serious legislative questions and demanding smart and inventive solutions by lawyers with a broad regulatory perspective. You will gain knowledge in law and ICT, but also explore questions and issues surounding contraversial and fascinating technological depelopments in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and neuroscience.

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MSc Public Governance

The Master in Public Governance prepares you for a leading position in the public sector all around the world. Built on a governance, legal and economical foundation, you will be trained in building innovative strategies to tackle today's wicked problems and are prepared for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

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MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice

This program, unique in the world, provides comprehensive and rigorous knowledge of victimology and criminology justice. Drawing upon the insights offered by law, psychology, criminology, and other social sciences, victimologists look at factors leading to victimization and the consequences of becoming a victim of crime, abuse of power, accidents, or disasters.

You will be taught to academically analyze and professionally address psychosocial, economic, political, and legal problems arising from victimization.

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Master's programs taught primarily in Dutch