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Part-time Master’s programs

If you want to pursue a Master's program, but you don't have time for a full time study program, we offer a number of part-time Master's programs to gain in-depth knowledge in your area of interest. By doing a part-time Master's program at Tilburg University, you will broaden your professional horizon, increase your chances on the labor market and combine studying with your career and personal life.

These Master’s programs are available part-time

These pre-Master’s programs are available part-time

Personal advice

If you are considering doing a part-time Master's program, it is smart to seek advice from the education coordinator at the school you want to take the part-time program at. The education coordinator can tell you what to expect, will help you look at your options, and explain what your study path may look like. You will plan your personalized part-time program in consultation with the study advisor. This interview is a good starting point to determine whether a part-time program suits you.

The difference between full-time and part-time

The curriculum of the part-time program is exactly the same as the full-time program, however, you will study at an adjusted pace. This means it will take longer to complete the program. How long it takes will depend on your prior education and the Master's you choose. You will attend lectures during the day or in the evening.

Costs and tuition fees

There is no special rate for part-time studies. The costs are the same as those of a full-time Master's program. Costs will be higher when you already have a Master's degree and are doing a second Master’s program, both for a full-time and part-time study.

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Our activities can help you decide which university and study program are the right choice for you. Throughout the year you have the opportunity to learn more about Tilburg University and the study programs that we offer.