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Our society is faced with significant social issues. How do we ensure that we work in a social and smart way towards a society that is inclusive and sustainable for generations to come? How do we ensure that more people can work in the right place? How do we ensure the well-being of the inhabitants without crossing the boundaries of our planet?
With the motto 'Understanding society', Tilburg University wants to lead the way in finding answers to these complex social changes. After all, breakthroughs in scientific knowledge and social interventions occur when we search for new solutions in co-creation with various collaborative partners and from different disciplines.

Interdisciplinary research themes

The interdisciplinary research themes on which the university will focus in the coming years are the sustainability transition, inequality and welfare & health. Broad-based prosperity serves as a thematic guideline. Widespread prosperity is about what makes life valuable and not only the quality of life here and now but also the extent to which this is at the expense of that of later generations or of people elsewhere in the world (CBS). Within the university, academic workplaces have been set up in cooperation with external partners to develop knowledge that contributes to solutions for the above-mentioned social issues. These academic workplaces are characterised by multi-year, interdisciplinary and co-created partnerships with businesses, government agencies and other knowledge institutions, based on a shared ambition.  

The Academic Workshops on Widespread Prosperity builds on the Impact Program that ran from 2018-2021 and aimed to further shape the impact thinking and doing at Tilburg University. Read more about the Impact Program.

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