Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.


Tilburg University has a well-structured framework for student and employee participation. At the central level, there is the University Council consisting of personnel and students. At decentralized levels, there are School and Service Councils. The university organizes elections so that students and employees can choose their representatives. On all matters relating to the legal status of employees, the Executive Board consults with the University Labor Representation Board, which consists of representatives from the trade unions.

The participation climate at Tilburg University can be qualified as good. In 2015 and in 2014, the university was presented with the Toffe Peer Award by the National Student Groups Consultative Committee (LOF) and the Student Participation Consultative Committee (SOM).

University Council

Through the University Council, employees and students can influence the policy and processes within the university. As a valued discussion partner of the Executive Board, the University Council provides an important contribution to the performance and the further development of Tilburg University. The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students.

School Councils

The School Council is the most important participation body within a School. The School Council promotes the views and interests of students and personnel in the areas of teaching, research, policy, and decision-making. For this purpose, important powers have been granted to the School Council: the right to endorse decisions and the right to be consulted. Each Tilburg University School has its own School Council.

Services Council

Each Service has its own Services Council. The Services Council promotes employees’ views in the area of policy and decision-making. A Services Council has the right to endorse decisions and the right to be consulted.

University Labor Representation Board

The Tilburg University Labor Representation Board is the institutional consultation platform for terms and conditions of employment at Tilburg University. In the University Labor Representation Board, the Executive Board consults with trade union representatives on all matters relating to the legal status of Tilburg University employees.