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As a mentor you help a student prepare for the labor market. You share your own experiences as a Tilburg University student as well as your professional experience. This way you contribute to the success of the students, not only at Tilburg University, but also in their future careers. Read more


  • 26 Jun 201812:45

    Visual Thinking Strategies: Gadamer’s filosofie ‘Kennis doet pijn’ *
    Looking at things with a critical eye, thinking, and presenting your view with well-conceived arguments. These are skills that you can put to good use the rest of your life. They are central in four Critical thinking workshops by Academic Forum on Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS); you will be able to practice them, too. This fourth and last workshop specifically addresses the painful process of letting go of old certainties in the scholarly process. Attention will be paid to the inaccessibility of truth by scientific methods and the impossibility of getting to grips with it, no matter how hard we try. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 28 Jun 201816:30

    Resilience after Terrorism: Laura’s Story *
    On August 19, 2003, terrorism entered Laura Dolci’s life when her husband was killed, along with 21 of his colleagues, in a suicide attack against the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad. Employed at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Laura has recently spent a sabbatical semester researching and writing on terrorism victimization. Laura Dolci shares the findings of her work and book, which combines personal narrative with academic research. (language: English) Read more