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Tilburg University regularly puts an alumnus in the spotlight. These alumni have reached interesting positions in their careers or have made special contributions to society or to the university.  Read more



As a mentor you help a student prepare for the labor market. You share your own experiences as a Tilburg University student as well as your professional experience. This way you contribute to the success of the students, not only at Tilburg University, but also in their future careers. Read more


  • 18 Dec 201816:00

    Witteveenlezing - Tom-Jan Meeus: Democratie, eigendunk en zelfbedrog *
    Political journalist Tom-Jan Meeus will reflect on today’s society in this fourth Witteveen lecture. A lecture about the citizen as a product, the politician as a servant, and online freedom as a lie. Or about the subversion of democratic awareness. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 15 Jan 201920:00

    Science Café - De energietransitie *
    We have to stop using natural gas. The government wants all households in the Netherlands off the gas grid by 2050. Companies are also expected to contribute. But how realistic is that? And how much reduction in CO2 emissions would that actually achieve? (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 17 Jan 201914:30

    Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture
    On Thursday January 17, 2019 Anne Applebaum will give the third Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture entitled 'Democracy and Disinformation'. Read more