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Recently graduated?

Welcome to Tilburg University’s global Alumni Network. You finished your bachelor's or master's program, overcame challenges writing your thesis and are now in possession of a Tilburg University degree. What a great achievement, of which you can be very proud. Congratulations! Tilburg University offers you as a fresh alumna or alumnus a number of opportunities after graduation.

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Mentor program

Many of our alumni with work experiences have signed up to assist recent graduates in the search for hands-on knowledge: how do I find a job? How does applying for jobs work?  How do I build a network? And so on. Wouldn't it be interesting for you to get in touch with an experienced alumnus/-a with a similar background?

The mentor program also offers several advantages for PhD students. Given that PhD students have performed their work (partly) externally and internally, it may be useful to come into contact with like-minded people through this program. The PhD mentoring program facilitates contact between PhD students in an informal way and focuses on involvement with the Alma mater. On the other hand, it is possible for PhD candidates to support the current generation of PhD candidates. Interested in one or both options?

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Coach Café

Looking to extend your network? Sign up for the Coach Café event! Straight from work, on to the drinks. Together with the Friends of Cobbenhagen, the university invites you to an informal networking session in which Top Career Alumni (of all Schools) will talk to you. This will take place several times a year, each time in a different setting in a different part of The Netherlands. We provide the snacks and drinks, all you have to do is sign up. Check the calendar to see when the next coach café will take place.

Grab a coffee

Can't go to Coach Café  but you are looking for al little bit of help getting started? Grab a coffee (or beer) with more experienced alumni. They are more than willing to share their knowledge, experience and network with you.  Anywhere in the world! Sign up and find out who you can meet up with near you. 

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Knowledge vouchers

Master’s degree in the pocket? Tilburg University offers you so-called "contract education”. This gives you the opportunity to join lectures within the regular education program. Master's graduates are provided with four Knowledge vouchers worth 12 ECTS in total.  You can take free courses for up to five years after graduation by exchanging these knowledge vouchers with the Student Administration. If you have one knowledge voucher left, you can only take a course of 3 ECTS. Additional payment for a course of 6 ECTS is not possible. Want to know more about the course you can take? Discover contract education.

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Career advice and training

Obtained your degree, but you do not have a clear picture of what you want in your career? The career advisors of Student Career Services are happy to help you on your way to the labor market. They do this with training courses, workshops and information meetings or through individual coaching. As a graduate you can use this service up to one year after graduation.

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And there is more...

Tilburg University has a lot to offer after graduation. Find out what services we provide,  how you can keep on learning, and how you can have a meaningful lifelong connection with your Alma Mater as a volunteer or donor.

Continuing your studies abroad?

Check out this special document by Nuffic that provides your future university more information about your Dutch degree.

Recently graduated? Congratulations!

You are now officially a member of the Tilburg University alumni network. We are looking forward to staying in touch. So make sure to update your details. Discover what your Alma Mater has to offer you, how we can stay connected and what services you can (still) make use of.