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Science Slam 2022

Date: Time: 21:30 Location: Black Box, Esplanade building

Our university is home to innovative, bright, and creative minds. In this session, we challenge five researchers to explain a scientific problem or fact in a clarifying, creative, and entertaining way. (English)

Every presenter gets eight minutes to present their current research and win the hearts of the audience. You can vote for the one that you find the most captivating. Presented by Richard Engelfriet, and featuring PhD candidates from the different Schools of our university: Iris Bras (TSB), Steffie van den Bosch (TLS), Jesse van der Geest (TiSEM), Bernice Brijan (TST) and Alexandra Sierra Rativa (TSHD).

Organized by: Studium Generale & TiPP (Tilburg PhD-platform)

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About the contributors:

  • Iris Bras (Night University)

    Iris Bras

    PhD Candidate Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Iris will take you with her into the world of personalized health care for brain tumor patients. Her research project is focused on the story of the patient and how this plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Her focus point: In addition to asking "what's the matter?", we also need to ask patients: "what matters to you?"

  •  Alexandra Sierra Rativa

    Alexandra Sierra Rativa

    PhD Candidate Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

    In her research, Alexandra investigates the influence of Virtual Reality games on humans. For this talk she will tell you all about the app 'Justin Beaver VR' that she co-created, which enables you to experience being a (virtual) animal. She will explain how this can potentially foster empathy and immersion towards animals.  

  • Jesse van der Geest (Night University)

    Jesse van der Geest

    PhD Candidate Tilburg School of Economics and Management

    Jesse’s research focusses on the topic of tax avoidance. Apart from being a very contemporary topic, he would go as far and call it a matter of life and death. This is because taxes affect many choices in life, for example what you eat, how you travel or where you live. And perhaps even the moment when you are born and when you die.

  • Steffie van den Bosch (Night University)

    Steffie van den Bosch

    PhD Candidate Tilburg Law School

    Steffie will explain how the risk landscape for businesses has shifted significantly over the last decade, as sustainability risks are becoming more prevalent and material. These risks can affect companies at the existential level and significantly impact our society as well. She will tell how we can find out whether and to what extent large businesses are managing these sustainability risks, such as climate change and human rights violations.

  • Bernice Brija

    Bernice Brijan

    PhD Candidate Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

    To be or not to be at home in the world, that’s the fundamental question Bernice wants to you to think about during her talk. Because sustaining a life of belonging, is both a foundational ability of human beings as well as their core vulnerability. And what are the implications of this for understanding mental health?

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