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Labor market and talent development

A labor market that provides valuable work for all is essential for broad prosperity. But how do we organize that with a structural shortage in the aging labor market? How do we enable people as much as possible to use their talents? Labor market and talent development are important spearheads in our research, which we are conducting together with experience experts and civil society and business organizations.

Joosen and Brouwers on psychological problems at work

Experts and their expertise

  • Ton Wilthagen

    Ton Wilthagen


     #flexibilization #job security #transitions #labor market inclusiveness

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  • Borghouts en Freese van werk naar werk

    Irmgard Borghouts and Charissa Freese


    #HRM #social security #participation

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  • Brouwers2

    Evelien Brouwers


    #mental health #sustainable employability

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