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Program in BSc Cognitive Science and Artifical Intelligence

Within the program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence you gain in-depth knowledge about the human brain and the functions of computers capable of intelligent behavior. The questions dealt with include the following:

  • What happens in our brain when we speak or think?
  • Where do ideas come from in the brain?
  • Can computers detect emotions?
  • Can toddlers learn a language if they are taught by robots?
  • Could something similar to Pokémon Go also get older people to become more active?
  • What role is serious gaming going to play in education in the future?

In this specialized program you acquire basic programming-, data analysis-, and data visualization skills. It is not a hard-science program like information technology. Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence is mainly concerned with questions pertaining to communication, cognition and technological innovation.

Within this specialization you learn to understand the human brain: How does our brain process impulses which it receives? How do we save information and remember? How do we make decisions? How does language work? Besides understanding these processes within humans you will also learn how to organize these processes in computers and robots. How can you develop and design a robot with intelligent behavior. How does communication between humans and robots looks like? How does our brain respond to virtual and augmented reality?

In the first semester of the third year, you can chose a specialization minor such as Entrepreneurship. The three courses that are part of this minor are Creative Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Practice and Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship.