Bachelor Theology

After your Bachelor's in Theology

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can choose one of our contiguous Master’s programs.

Master’s program in Christianity and Society 

A one-year multidisciplinary program (in English, in Tilburg)

In this one-year English-taught Master’s program in Christianity and Society you will learn how Christianity influences law, politics, economics, modern art, science, and world religions. You will study the effects that society has on the history, sociology and theology of the Christian faith. In this way, Christianity and society mutually shape and guide each other, with implications for the lives of people everywhere in the world.

Upon graduation, you will be an expert on the relations between Christianity and society in multiple fields of study. You will be able to use your expertise in advisory or management roles in religious organizations and churches, in government organizations and in NGOs. You will also be able to apply your academic knowledge in the fields of media, politics and economic relations.

Master’s program of Theology 

A three-year professional program (in Dutch, mainly in Utrecht)

In our Master’s program Theology (in Dutch) you will specialize in various disciplines such as biblical exegesis, Church history, systematic theology, philosophy and social sciences, in order to educate you in the pastoral field. We offer you two majors to graduate in, one for parish pastoral care and one for chaplaincy/spiritual care. Both majors include internships.

Master’s program Religious Education Academic Teacher Training program (ULO)

A two-year program qualifying for first-degree teacher (in Dutch, in Utrecht)

In this Master’s program (in Dutch) you will study questions about religion and philosophy that are important in schools, especially in Catholic schools in the Netherlands. You will learn, both theoretically and practically, to educate and coach young people in their religious and philosophical development. You will become a highly qualified (‘1e-graads’) teacher.

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