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Pre-Master's program Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

We offer tailor-made pre-Master’s programs for students with a Bachelor's degree from a research university that covers most, but not all entry requirements of the MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. Due to the advanced content of the program, we cannot offer a pre-Master's program to students who graduated from a Dutch university of applied sciences (hbo).

Pre-Master's programs

For students with an international degree, or a Dutch research university (wo) degree

Tilburg University offers a program designed for students with a university Bachelor's degree that does not entirely meet the admission requirements of the Master's program in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

Tailor made to individual learning needs

The program is tailor-made to individual learning needs and consists of a maximum of 36 ECTS, providing you with the essential foundation required to pursue your Master's in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

Some  courses offered in the pre-Master's program are:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Introduction Analysis and Probability Theory
  • Mathematical Analysis 1
  • Mathematical Analysis 2
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Statistics for Econometrics
  • Advanced Linear Algebra
  • Differentiation and Integration Theory
  • Econometrics

Application and admission

As a university graduate you are encouraged to apply for the Master’s program directly. After receiving your application the Admissions Committee will assess your academic background, and decide whether:

  1. You can be admitted unconditionally into the Master’s program.
  2. You can be offered a place in the pre-Master’s program (6 to 36 ECTS).
  3. Your academic background unfortunately does not measure up and any academic deficiencies can not be solved within the 36 ECTS pre-Master’s program. In that case admission is not possible.

If you have a Bachelor's degree in Econometrics or a similar qualification from a university recognized by the Admissions Board you will be accepted unconditionally. A solid academic background in mathematics, statistics and econometrics is required.

The following literature gives you an idea of the level of mathematics and statistics we require for entry into the program:

  • L.J.Bain & M.Engelhardt, Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Duxbury, 2nd edition
  • William F. Trench, Introduction to real Analysis, (2013), Books and Monographs, book 7
  • D.C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Pearson, 4th edition

Note that these requirements are indicative, the final assessment lies with the Admissions Committee.

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