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New Media Design

1 year English Starts end of August and end of January

Immerse yourself in interactive technology, design processes, creativity and how people use new media. This will make you an expert in the field of content and interaction design, who knows how to test designs and take them to the next level using scientific insights. This is a track of the MSc Communication and Information Sciences.

finds a job within 6 months after graduation

National Alumni Survey 2021 | n=40 (MSc Communication and Information Sciences, all tracks)

months on average between graduation and first job

National Alumni Survey 2021 | n = 40 (MSc Communication and Information Sciences, all tracks)

€ 3.001
gross monthly income one year after graduation

National Alumni Survey 2021 | n=40 (MSc Communication and Information Sciences, all tracks)

Program and courses 

New Media Design focuses on the design, use and effects of new media.

  • Delve into:
    • the cognitive and psychological processes involved in the use of new media, such as attention, memory, learning, motivation, and emotion. In doing so, you will research how different effects can be achieved through design choices.
    • user experience design, exploring how you can provide users with a meaningful experience, for example in terms of usability, engagement, sensation, as well as comfort and empowerment.
    • how our creative brain works and how creative thinking can be stimulated and supported.
    • interactive storytelling, with emphasis on the possibilities this offers for optimizing the user experience and inducing specific psychological effects.
  • Experiment with the possibilities offered by our Media Design Lab. This is equipped with a Virtual Reality Lab, Observation Lab, 3D printer, computers for digital media design, and other high-tech equipment.
  • Consider applying for the two-year Dual degree program with Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna, focusing on business communication with special emphasis on digital and intercultural communication. A scholarship covers part of the tuition.

This is a track of MSc Communication and Information Sciences. You can choose to follow the general program or one of the tracks.

Typical courses are:

  • The Human Mind in the Digital World
  • Responsible UX Design 
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Language Technology & Society
  • Emerging Technologies for Learning
  • Design Research

More on the program and courses

  • Master student New Media Design Lydia Meulendijks



    "Since the New Media Design Master is relatively small, we are in close contact with our lecturers and other students. This makes it easy to contact a lecturer for questions or just a casual conversation."

  • Master student New Media Design Nina Verlaek



    "In this master you learn about the role of design and how this can influence different psychological processes. All the literature is state-of-the-art and provides you with a thorough understanding of the new media technologies that are arising, such as augmented reality games, virtual learning environments, smart homes, and social robots."

  • Jessica Weller - New Media Design



    "New Media Design is about design. However, this does not mean learning how to use design programs like Photoshop. It is about understanding the human factor in design and the effects of different design solutions on users."

Career prospects

Upon completion of this track, you will obtain an MSc in Communication and Information Sciences, with the specialization New Media Design listed on your diploma.

You know what added value new media can have within a wide range of domains and how to put the user at the core of the different design phases. You also have the skills to test designs and to advise clients and customers about process or design improvements.

Graduates work or start for example as:

  • UX Designer & Researcher at Atos
  • Visual Designer at Adversitement
  • UX researcher at Miraebau
  • Learning Experience Designer at
  • Interactive Storyteller at Dephion
  • SEA specialist at Greenhouse

Alumni facts

  • 85% of our alumni find a job within 6 months after graduation
  • Average time between graduation and first paid job is 3.53 months
  • Gross monthly income one year after graduation is € 3,001

Source: National Alumni Survey 2021 | n=40 (Communication and Information Sciences, all tracks)

More on your career prospects

Students on campus enjoying the good weather

Application and admission

This Master’s program starts:

End of August and end of January.

Best preparatory programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Information Sciences, Communication Studies and Linguistics.
  • The academic background of the students in our Master's program varies a lot. If you have a Bachelor's degree in a different subject area than those mentioned above you are also welcome to apply if you have basic knowledge of and followed courses on, for example, communication theory, psycholinguistics, social psychology, or business communication.

Pre-Master's program

Open to both Research University students and students from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO).

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students find all information about tuition fees and scholarships here.

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