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Hora Finita; your online PhD system

Tilburg University is using “Hora Finita” as the online PhD system for all PhD candidates and their supervisors.
All processes related to the PhD trajectory, from official admission to the trajectory by the doctorate board to the public PhD defense, are supported by this system.

In general these these processes are:

  1. Registration:
    Admission of the PhD candidate to a PhD trajectory
  2. Progress monitoring:
    possibility to make a record of progress interviews, Training and Supervision Plan, achieved ECTS etc.
  3. PhD defense:
    from manuscript submission to the supervisors to the PhD defense.

You can login to Hora Finita using your username and password as provided by Tilburg University

Log in to Hora Finita


To support you, instruction manuals are available. The manuals provide some general principles that you need to know before you start working with the system.