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Reserved Accommodation

The reserved options are carefully chosen by the University. We have reserved rooms for our incoming students so that you have easy access to reserving accommodation before your arrival. Be sure to reserve the rooms as soon as you can, because in the past rooms are often filled up rather quickly.

Degree or Exchange Student?

We have different housing options for degree students and exchange students. Please choose one of the following.

Preferred supplier Tilburg University

I am an Exchange student for one or two semesters

Professor Verbernelaan

I am a Degree Student for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Are you going to do your entire degree at Tilburg University? Then you can book one of the recommended options for accommodation. Reserving housing through our partners will provide you with a guaranteed great start to your time here!

  • The rooms are all available for six months or one year contracts, if you wish to stay longer you will have to find accommodation yourself for the remaining time.
  • There are not enough rooms for all incoming students. Therefore we recommend that you look for something on the private market. We strongly advise you to register on KlikvoorKamers early as possible, as this is a waiting time based platforms. 
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