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Temporary accommodation

Finding accommodation in Tilburg can be difficult. If you do not manage to reserve accommodation you could try to arrange temporary accommodation for your first couple of weeks in Tilburg.

Tilburg University does not own on-campus accommodation, and does not offer, nor guarantee, student housing. With this being a responsibility of each student, we urge students who are planning to join Tilburg University in September to actively search for housing and ensure their accommodation before their arrival to Tilburg as a priority.

Be aware, although being in Tilburg increases your chances it can still take time before you find suitable accommodation. 

Given the complexity of the situation, we advise students to NOT travel to the Netherlands without an (temporary) accommodation option ensured and accordingly de-enroll from their program! 

Temporary accommodation Fall 2021-2022

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Public transportation 

Netherlands has a very good public transportation system which makes it easy to travel between different cities. Check www.9292ov.nl/en to plan your trip.