Talent Square

Reserved Accommodation

The reserved options are carefully chosen by the University. We have reserved rooms for our incoming students so that you have easy access to reserving accommodation before your arrival. Be sure to reserve the rooms as soon as you can, because in the past rooms are often filled up rather quickly. Please note: reserved accommodation for Degree students is only available for students who start end of August (Fall semester).

Degree or Exchange Student?

We have different housing options for degree students and exchange students. Please choose one of the following.

Preferred supplier Tilburg University

I am an Exchange student for one or two semesters

Exchange students who study at Tilburg University for one or two semesters have the option to reserve a room at 'Verbs'. Another option is to look for accommodation in the private market; you might be able to find a Tilburg University student who is going on exchange as well and sublet her/his room.  Check the private market section of the website for more information. 

Professor Verbernelaan

The housing complex located on this street is popularly referred to as 'Verbs'.

  • The buildings are within walking distance of the University, the Sports Center and the train station. 
  • The rooms are furnished and available for a period of six months. If you are joining us for a one year exchange, you can choose to stay in Verbs 2 semesters.
  • You will live on a shared floor with 6 or 17 other exchange students, so it is it the perfect way to make new friends and have a great time here in Tilburg.
  • If you would like to have more information about the rooms, FAQs and general terms and conditions, you can go to the website of WonenBreburg. Here they have uploaded 2 documents with useful information. 

Important details

  • The reservation policy is based on a 'first-come, first-serve'-basis. 
  • Opening of the booking system for the fall semester 2021 will be announced in May. 

I am a Degree Student for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Please note: reserved accommodation for Degree students is only available for students who start end of August (Fall semester). If you start end of January (Spring semester), please take a look at the private market webpage. 

Are you going to do your entire degree at Tilburg University and you start in the fall semester? Then you can book one of the recommended options for accommodation. Reserving housing through our partners will provide you with a guaranteed great start to your time here!

  • The rooms are all available for one year.  It is not possible to extend your stay after this year so you have to find other accommodation. 
  • There are not enough rooms for all incoming students. Therefore we recommend that you look for something on the private market.
CobbenCampus impression
Student Housing Holland

Student Housing Holland is more than just a housing agency. They believe that a worry free stay with everything well arranged for you, is the essential foundation to gain a great international experience. That’s why we think the perfect way to start your stay in Tilburg is through booking accommodation with Student Housing Holland.

They have fully furnished rooms in different price categories including their unique ‘Everything you need service’. They provide you with all the essentials like an airport pick up, your own serviced bike, registration day at the municipality and a 24/7 service for emergencies. They also offer great social & sport activities during the year like their Welcome party, own indoor soccer team, bootcamp and many more.

Student Housing Holland has typical Dutch student houses located across the city which are all within biking distance of Tilburg University and the city center. All the houses have fully equipped kitchens and most have a common living area where you can dine & chill together with your housemates! In short:

  • Fully furnished rooms & fully equipped kitchens.
  • Everything you need service.
  • Live in a typical Dutch student house together with other international students.
  • All-inclusive price; All utilities, Wi-Fi and their ‘Everything you need service’ are included in the monthly rent price.
  • Locations in student neighbourhoods and within biking distance to Tilburg University

Opening of the booking system for the fall semester 2021 will be announced in May. 

What other students say

"Student housing Holland really is your first friend in town.  The house was nice and clean. Kitchen and rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary stuff you need including a TV. If there was an issue they would come quickly and take care of it. I would highly recommend Student Housing Holland to any students because they make staying in a foreign country feel like home." 

"Excellent service. I was able to enjoy my 6 months of stay in the Netherlands with SHH because they worked really hard to make us feel at home. From housing services to others (bike rentals, airport pickups, etc.) everything was on point and great."

SSH (Talent Square building)

Talent Square has reserved 250 rooms in their shared apartments for our incoming degree students!

  • Talent Square is situated in the center of Tilburg, close to the shops, the train station and other public transport options.
  • The rooms all have their own bathroom facilities, but you will share the common living area and the kitchen with 4 other international students.
  • The rooms are fully furnished and you pay one price for everything including Wi-Fi, utilities and maintenance. It is not possible to book a studio at Talent Square.
  • The accommodation is only available for students starting in September. Opening of the booking system for the fall semester 2021 will be announced in May. 

In short:

  • Live together with other new international students
  • Have your own bathroom
  • All-inclusive price
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Complex is conveniently located between the city center and the university