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Responsible research at TiSEM

Responsible research is an essential and integral part of good research practices and is a key element in the education of future generations of researchers.

Good and trustworthy research is based on the five widely recognized principles in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018): honesty, scrupulousness, transparency, independence and responsibility.

Responsible research includes

More information on conduct and integrity at Tilburg University.

For TiSEM researchers, more information on management of research data, including personal data, can be found on the intranet.

Online training Research Integrity

All researchers are strongly recommended to take the online training research integrity which provides insights into responsible and questionable research practices, applicable regulations and information on relevant Tilburg University policies. The face-to-face training will give PhD researchers the opportunity to discuss with fellow PhD researchers the norms of good science and the virtues of a good scientist, as well as how to navigate grey areas of research and integrity dilemmas.

For PhD researchers who started their program as of 2020-2021 the online training is a mandatory part of the Training and Supervision Plan, the face-to-face training is strongly recommended. For PhD researchers who started their program as of 2021-2022 both the online training and the face-to-face training are mandatory. PhD researchers are strongly recommended to complete the e-learning module by the end of their first year and the face-to-face training by the end of their second year. For more information contact Integrity Training.

Contact in case of questions or concerns

TiSEM offers researchers and PhD candidates various ways to ask questions or to speak about their doubts or their suspicions of possible transgressions.

  • Researchers first discuss questions and doubts with their peers, superiors, and colleagues in their direct vicinity in an informal setting. If this does not lead to clarity researchers can contact the head of the TiSEM Research Support Team.
  • PhD candidates can consult their contact person at the graduate school or the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Additionally, all researchers can contact the confidential advisor on scientific integrity  Prof. Willem van Genugten for any questions or doubts regarding scientific integrity.