Young Academy

Young Academy Members

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The Young Academy consists of

Buyl, Tine TSB - Deptartement Organization Studies
Datta, Hannes TiSEM - Departement Marketing
Denoo, Lien TiSEM - Department Management
Fleurke, Floor TLS - Department Public Law and Governance
Keymolen, Esther TLS - Department Law Technology Markets and Society
Klooster, Anton ten (Secretary) TST - Department Systemetic Theology/Philosophy
Peeters, David  (President) TSB - Department Communication and Cognition
Schütt, Harm TiSEM - Department Accounting
Van Mol, Christof TSB - Department Sociology
Ven, Inge van de  TSB - Department Culture Studies
Verbruggen, Paul  TLS - Departement of  Private and Business Law
Verhaegh, Sander TSHB - Department of Philosophy)