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Nice to meet you! My name is Aviva de Groot, and my research interests broadly concern humans, justice, and technology. Their mutual shaping, and how this affects our understanding of rules and the values that drive them. Within this space, I am especially interested in the interplay of responsibility and possibilities to know and understand the technologies we work with: be they legal, bureaucratic, digital, or 'gofai' power tools. My first degree was in cabinet-making.

While computational developments increasingly define this space, I work to maintain a grounded approach. Professional experience in the legal aid field afforded a thorough appreciation of how in dumber times, already, the transformation of subjects’ self-defined reality to their administrative truths is a complex, possibly tricky process. The intricate interplay of law, policy and technology discourages a narrow focus on either element.


Concerns around e.g. domination and moral responsibility as raised by the latest generations of decision tools are subject of investigation in my developing thesis "Care to Explain?" Articulating legal demands to explain AI-infused decisions, responsibly. I analyse these subjects through the lens of epistemic justice. I study human, rule-driven explanatory practices, and the epistemic values that (should) drive them. How can modern day decision makers in and on the loop of these processes maintain a responsible relation with decision subjects?

Earlier research addressed privacy and data protection concerns around the use of social robots in health care. I Focussed on human anthropomorphic inclinations in robot interaction, treating robot reactivity as automated decision making. I closely follow the interdisciplinary robotics discourse, including artistic expressions. My first career in filmmaking gives me all the additional excuses I need to do so.


Recent publications

  1. Lost in translation - An interactive workshop mapping interdisciplina…

    Wan, E., de Groot, A., Jameson, S., Paun, M., Lücking, P., Klumbyte, G., & Lämmerhirt, D. (2020). Lost in translation: An interactive workshop mapping interdisciplinary translations for epistemic justice. In FAT* '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (pp. 692). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
  2. The handbook of privacy studies - An interdisciplinary introduction

    de Groot, A., & van der Sloot, B. (Eds.) (2018). The handbook of privacy studies: An interdisciplinary introduction. Amsterdam University Press.
  3. Nothing comes between my robot and me - Privacy and human-robot inter…

    Fosch Villaronga, E., Felzmann, H., Pierce, R., de Conca, S., de Groot, A., Robins, S., & Ponce Del Castillo, A. (2018). Nothing comes between my robot and me: Privacy and human-robot interaction in robotised healthcare. In R. Leenes, R. van Brakel, S. Gutwirth, & P. de Hert (Eds.), Data protection and privacy: The internet of bodies (1 ed., pp. 135-170). (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection ). Hart Publishing. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329802715_Nothing_Comes_between_My_Robot_and_Me_Privacy_and_Human-Robot_Interaction_in_Robotised_Healthcare
  4. Introduction

    van der Sloot, B., & de Groot, A. (2018). Introduction. In B. van der Sloot, & A. de Groot (Eds.), Handbook of privacy studies (pp. 7-20). Amsterdam University Press.

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