David Wodak MSc

David Wodak MSc

PhD Candidate

TiSEM: Tilburg School of Economics and Management
TiSEM: Center Ph. D. Students


David Wodak attained Master's degrees in Information Management from TiSEM and Data Science & Society from TSHD. David is currently a PhD candidate in the Information Systems & Operations Management department at TiSEM.  His research focuses on the digitalization of Critical Infrastructures, Digital Twins, and exploring the role of Inter-organizational IT governance in helping Critical infrastructures organize themselves as a 'System-of-Systems' in which they operate as one centralized infrastructure entity. In his research, David employs a diverse array of research methodologies, including Grounded Theory, Design Science, Case Studies, and Lab Experiments.


David Wodak teaches Academic Competences for Information Management, where he introduces students to the academic realm of Information Systems. Within this course, he imparts essential skills necessary for the students their theses and future careers in Information Management, fostering their academic and professional development.



David Wodak is a member of the VIA AUGUSTA research group, which focuses on the complex challenges Critical Infrastructures face, including urbanization, digitalization, energy transition, climate change, and sustainability. They aim to develop effective strategies for infrastructure managers to operate in a coordinated 'system-of-systems' approach, balancing enhanced coordination and collaboration with precise task specification and allocation, while also leveraging digitalization for efficient data sharing and addressing governance challenges. Within VIA AUGUSTA David is supervised by prof. dr. Carol Ou, prof. dr. Henk Akkermans, and dr. Han Kyul Oh

Recent publications

  1. Inter-organizational IT-governance for a system of systems

    Wodak, D., & Ou, C. (2023). Inter-organizational IT-governance for a system of systems. In AMCIS 2023 Proceedings Article 1861 https://aisel.aisnet.org/amcis2023/sig_scuidt/sig_scuidt/15
  2. How to improve HO/TO's - An exploratory study on the alignment betwee…

    Wodak, D., & Meesters, K. (2021). How to improve HO/TO's: An exploratory study on the alignment between information, technology and crisis teams. In A. Adrot, R. Grace, K. Moore, & C. W. Zobel (Eds.), ISCRAM 2021 - Proceedings: 18th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (pp. 459-470). (Proceedings of the International ISCRAM Conference; Vol. 2021-May). Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, ISCRAM.

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