Irene works as Assistant Professor at TILT. She obtained a joint doctorate degree by the Tilburg University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research explores norm-making and enforcement in cyberspace, including technical standardisation. Irene has conducted research for the European Commission, the National Cyber Security Agency in the Netherlands,  the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and other organisations. She is also invited as external expert evaluator of EU funded proposals on societal security. Irene is selected as a member of the ENISA Experts List for assisting in the implementation of its Annual Work Programme. Earlier this year, Irene was the winner of the 2021 Standards+Innovation Individual Researcher award of the European Standardisation Organisations. Irene is qualified attorney-at-law and was practicising for several years before joining academia.


  • Cybercrime (620068) course coordinator and lecturer at LL.M. Law & Technology 2021-2022.
  • Global Law bachelor: Law, Technology and Society course lecturer (620296-B-6) 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022.
  • Guest lectures on data protection & privacy, regulation theory, soft law, standardisation, certification, international data flows.
  • JADS Professional doctorate program on data science: lecturer on cybersecurity and data protection law 2021-2022.
  • Master Thesis supervision (since 2016).
  • Teaching Assistant: Privacy and Data Protection course (620040) at LL.M. Law & Technology 2016-2017.



  • Affiliated Researcher - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Research Group on Law, Science, Technology, Society)
  • Attorney at law (Athens Bar Association - Greece) 
  • Member of the ENISA Experts List for assisting in the implementation of the Annual ENISA Work Programme, ENISA CEI M/CEI/17/T01
  • Editorial Board - Journal of Standardisation
  • Member of Institute for Global Law & Policy (IGLP) Network (Harvard Law School)
  • Member of Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR)
  • Member of European Academy for Standardisation (EURAS)
  • Annual Privacy Forum (APF) Program Committee Member
  • IPEN initiative - Internet Privacy Engineering Network (EDPS)
  • Privacy & Identity Lab (PI.lab) & D/PIA Lab
  • Technical Committee Cybersecurity and Data Protection of the Dutch Standardisation Institute NEN (invited expert).
  • Member of the ACademic Cyber ​​Security Society (ACCSS)


  • Winner of the CEN CENELEC Standards + Innovation award, category Individual Researcher/Innovator for 2021
  • Shortlisted for CEFCYS (top 3) for Cyber Woman Excellence award - Europe 2021
  • Principal investigator - National Cyber Security Centre (NL) -study on cybersecurity certification 2020
  • Principal investigator - COM DG JUST study on GDPR certification 2019
  • Honourable mention at the NENnovation competition 2019
  • Presentation at the IGLP Harvard Law School conference 2018
  • Most read paper for 2018 (2nd place) European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL)
  • European Commission external expert evaluator for H2020 proposals 2016
  • Best paper award - ITU-Kaleidoscope Conference 2015
  • Young Author Recognition certificate -  ITU-Kaleidoscope Conference 2015

Recent publications

  1. Research handbook on EU data protection law

    Kosta, E., Leenes, R., & Kamara, I. (Eds.) (Accepted/In press). Research handbook on EU data protection law. (1 ed.) (Research Handbooks in European Law). Edgar Elger Publishing Ltd.
  2. Essential equivalence as a benchmark for international data transfers…

    Drechsler, L., & Kamara, I. (Accepted/In press). Essential equivalence as a benchmark for international data transfers after Schrems II. In K. Eleni, & L. Ronald (Eds.), Research handbook on EU data protection (1 ed., Vol. 1). (Research Handbooks in European Law series). Edgar Elger Publishing Ltd..
  3. Data protection standardisation - The role and limits of technical st…

    Kamara, I. (2021). Data protection standardisation: The role and limits of technical standards in the EU data protection law.
  4. Data protection standardisation

    Kamara, I. (2021). Data protection standardisation. Nederlands Juristenblad , 2021(28), 2390-2391.
  5. Misaligned union laws? - A comparative analysis of certification in t…

    Kamara, I. (2021). Misaligned union laws? A comparative analysis of certification in the Cybersecurity Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. In D. Hallinan, R. Leenes, & P. De Hert (Eds.), Data protection and privacy: Data protection and artificial intelligence (pp. 83-110). (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection). Hart Publishing.

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