My name is Jan Failenschmid and my research focusses on studying and developing statistical methods for analyzing non-linear intensive longitudinal data. Researchers in psychology are increasingly aware that studying psychological processes as they unfold over time can yield valuable insights into the nature of these processes and give rise to effective treatments and interventions. Together with the novel technical possibility to assess the experiences of individuals in their day-to-day live, this has lead to a sharp increase in intensive longitudinal data. However, while many of the phenomena that could be studied with this type of data, such as developmental trajectories, treatment effects, or regime shifts, are expected to follow non-linear trajectories over time, researchers are currently ill-equipped to analyze these processes meaningfully. This is why I am focusing on studying and adapting existing methods as well as developing new methods for this type of data. 


  • Time-series Analysis
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Multilevel Modeling
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Simulation Studies


I highly value collaboration and I am always happy to discuss any ideas or potential projects. 

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