Merel Noorman is assistant professor in AI, Robotics and STS at TILT. Her research interests include the governance and regulation of AI and robotics, with a particular focus on the responsible development and use of complex intelligent technologies. In her current work she also explores the relations between  AI and democracy. She studied artificial intelligence and science & technology studies at the University of Amsterdam and Edinburgh University and received her PhD from Maastricht University. Since then, she has co-initiated and worked on various research projects in the U.S. and the Netherlands, funded by the National Science Foundation, NWO-MVI, and the EU 5th framework program, looking at the ethical and social aspects of complex and intelligent computer technologies. She has also worked as advisor for the Dutch Council for Social Development (Raad voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling) and was managing director for the software company VicarVision.


Recent publications

  1. Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten

    de Groot, A. (Author), Taylor, L. (Author), Noorman, M. (Author), de Souza, S. (Author), Meyers, G. (Author), & Broer, T. (Author). (2022). Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten. Web publication/site, .
  2. Aanbevelingen en follow-up naar aanleiding van de IGOR datagovernance…

    Noorman, M., Turel, T., Taylor, L., Tol, Y., Groothoff, B., & Pek, J. (2022). Aanbevelingen en follow-up naar aanleiding van de IGOR datagovernance clinics. Open research Amsterdam.
  3. Data governance clinics - A new approach to public-interest technolog…

    Jameson, S., Taylor, L., & Noorman, M. (2021). Data governance clinics: A new approach to public-interest technology in cities. Tilburg University.
  4. Responsibility and liability

    Noorman, M. (2021). Responsibility and liability. In J. Zerilli (Ed.), A citizen's guide to artificial intelligence (pp. 61-79). MIT Press.
  5. Handreiking non-discriminatie by design

    van der Sloot, B., Keymolen, E., Noorman, M., Weerts, H., Wagensveld, Y., & Visser, B. (2021). Handreiking non-discriminatie by design. Rijksoverheid.

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