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A.T. (Drew) Hendrickson

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


My research Focuses on understanding human cognition using statistical and computational models of behavior. Human cognition encompasses a broad array of topics, and I focus on questions That involvement concepts or representations That are shaped by the structure of the world. Dette omfatter aktive forskningsprojekter, der studerer kategoriindlæring, lighedskompetencer, ansigtsbehandling, ordlæring, beslutningstagning og hypoteseundersøgelse. I Rely on a variety of experimental techniques in my research, with a focus on collecting large datasets that can be analyzed at both the group and individual levels. I use computational models of cognition as well as machine learning techniques to better understand the latent cognitive mechanisms and representations people use.


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Last amended: 19 June 2018