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Program and courses Data Science BSc

Besides the technical side - such as programming, data analytics and mathematics – the program focuses on legal, social, ethical and business aspects relating to Data Science. It is this multidisciplinary approach that will make you stand out on the job market and of great value to businesses and nonprofit organizations alike.

Program structure and content

Because of the special cooperation between Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, you will be taught by specialists from both universities. During the first year, classes are divided equally between the two locations. Please bear in mind that you have to cover the travel costs yourself (about € 1,200 per year). After the first year, there are more opportunities to choose electives as part of your curriculum. Your choices determine at which university location you attend more lectures.

Learning lines

The Curriculum of the Joint Bachelor Data Science is structured along so called 'learning lines'. The courses in a particular learning line depend on each other and offer more advanced topics and skills when moving further into the program. The main learning lines are:

  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Cognitive Science & AI
  • Law and Ethics
  • Business
  • Data Challenges
Year 1 Courses

In the first year, you are introduced to the various Data Science core fields, like computer science and data analytics. You develop a mathematical base which you will build on during the rest of your studies. You will explore the important area of law and ethics to become a responsible data scientist.  And you will also learn more about the main application domains and the broader social,  and economic setting of data science developments. You also complete your first Data Challenge, where you work in groups to analyze real data for real stakeholders.

You will take the following courses in the first semester:

  • Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Law and Data Science
  • Data Statistics
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship & Business Data Science

You will take the following courses in the second semester:

  • Cognitive Science 1
  • Data Science Ethics
  • DBL Data Challenge
  • Data Analytics for Engineers
  • Statistical Computing
  • Linear Algebra
Year 2 Courses

In the second year, you study legal, mathematical, statistical, technical and business aspects of data research more in-depth. You design part of your program by choosing elective modules, and apply all your acquired knowledge and skills in two Data Challenges.

You will take the following courses in the first semester:

  • Electives
  • Engineering Design
  • Data Mining
  • Visualization
  • Econometrics for Data Science

You will take the following courses in the second semester:

  • Electives
  • Data Challenge 1
  • Data Challenge 2
  • Data Management for Data Analytics
  • Innovation and Regulation
  • Data Science Research Methods
Year 3 Courses

Entrepreneurship plays a greater role in the third year, which offers courses such as Business Insights and Networks Data-Driven Business Creation. There is a more extensive choice of electives. You can - for example - choose electives that give you the best preparation for the Master’s program you are planning to take. You have the option to go abroad on exchange without academic delays.

You will take the following courses in the first semester:

  • Electives
  • Language and AI
  • Business Insights and Networks
  • Data-Driven Business Creation
  • Data Challenge 3

You will take the following courses in the second semester:

  • Electives
  • Final Bachelor's Project

The Bachelor's final project is an individual thesis project. You will develop and formulate a research question, and analyze the problem, making a justified choice for methods and techniques from the Data Science domain.

Minors and Elective packages

You have to define part of your study program yourself by filling in the elective part (45 ECTS in total).

Tilburg University offers the following  elective packages (minors):

  • Minor Business Analytics and Operations Research 
  • Minor Data Science and Entrepreneurship
  • Minor Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence  
  • Minor Marketing Analytics

Eindhoven University of Technology also offers several coherent elective packages, for example: 

  • Computer Science for Data Science
  • Data Modeling Foundations
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

If you want to create your individual package, please consult the Education Coordinator. He/she must approve your proposal.

Study abroad: going on exchange

We encourage all students to gain international experience. A popular and very exciting option is to go abroad on exchange. As an exchange student, you study at one of the many international partner universities of Tilburg University, typically for one semester.

The Study Abroad & Exchange Office of Tilburg University will be available to help you research the opportunities within your study program and a dedicated Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator will be advising you before, during and after your exchange.

Most students will be eligible for a grant or scholarship to financially support them during their exchange experience. Additional grants for students with special needs or a difficult financial situation are also available.

More on studying abroad

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Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

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Why Data Science in Tilburg and Eindhoven?

  • This joint bachelor brings together the best of two universities; Tilburg University's expertise in Econometrics, Business Administration and Law is combined with Eindhoven University of Technology's expertise in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Both universities add their expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

  • Data Science can only be exploited to its fullest potential by approaching it from multiple disciplines simultaneously. This multidisciplinary character makes our data science program unique in its kind.

  • Throughout the program you will acquire relevant skills that are valuable when you enter the job market, such as working in a team and performing an entrepreneurial pitch. The team work varies from team projects to the joint writing of a research paper. You will learn how to apply theory into practice, for example in the Data Challenges and the Data-Driven Business Creation course. 

  • Data Science will only be growing in importance, given the staggering growth of data every second of every day, and will give you great career opportunities.

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