Students working on campus

Career perspective after BSc Econometrics and Operations Research

Our graduates often continue towards several different Master’s programs, including Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science, Business Analytics and Operations Research, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, Marketing Analytics, International Business Tax Economics, and various Master’s programs in the field of Data Science.

Plenty of jobs at graduation

A great strength of the Econometrics and Operations Research program is that all graduates are able to find jobs shortly after or even before graduating from their Master’s program.

Your specialization is your way to determine where your career will start. Graduates from different specializations have pursued successful careers in logistics and the management of multinationals, at banks and insurance companies, in consultancy, and also at research institutes and in science. Many graduates end up as data analysts or data scientists; a career path for which specialists are very much in demand at the moment.

Diversity of careers

The specific careers of our Econometrics graduates may surprise you:

  • Some of our graduates end up working for big insurance companies, where they calculate the most optimal insurance rate.
  • Another common field of employment is transportation, in which our graduates optimize processes to minimize costs.
  • You can also find econometrists involved in cancer research, in which they calculate the optimal radiation therapy method which causes the least harm to the body.
  • Econometrists are also found in large-scale research projects to calculate, for example, which dikes should be fortified and which dikes should be increased in height to ensure an optimal relationship between risk of flooding and costs.

As you can see, our program in Econometrics and Operations Research can lead to a wide range of different careers.