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International Sociology careers and subsequent Master's programs

During the Bachelor's program in International Sociology, you learn everything about social themes such as migration, poverty, inequality, and cultural differences. You will be able to connect these themes to policy and business. Dependent on your specialization, you could find work at universities, governments, research agencies and (inter)national organizations.

Possible International Sociology jobs

Most students choose to do a Master's program after obtaining their Bachelor's degree. After completing a Master's program, you'll have favorable career prospects in International Sociology. You could find work at the government, universities,  research agencies, insurers, hospitals, cultural institutions and (non) profit organizations. You also can work as a teacher in secondary or higher education.

What can you do with an International Sociology degree?

By specializing in one of two majors, you will choose the field in which you would like to be employed. Graduates of International Sociology are employed in various professions: 

  • As a researcher at a market research agency or commercial organization you will investigate which aspects play a role in social issues and how they change over time. The results of the research contribute to a possible solution or advice. 
  • As a policy advisor for a municipality or ministry you are aware of the various issues involved in policy making. For example, you might give advice on a particular program run by the government. - Was it effective? Were there problems? - Your advice will be used to make decisions. You look at ways to implement policies when they have been approved.  

Graduates found work at the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, Aarhus University, the Dutch Labor Inspectorate, newspaper NRC, Research agency IPSOS, ING, Philips  and  Ahold N.V.  

Subsequent Master’s programs International Sociology

After getting your Bachelor's degree, you could start looking for a job, but you will significantly improve your chances by doing a Master's program. With International Sociology, you have a wide range of Tilburg University Master's programs to choose from. Some Master's programs require you to take certain courses during your Bachelor's program in order to be admitted. Make sure to check the application and admission page of the Master's program of your choice. With your Bachelor's degree, you will have access to the following Master's programs at Tilburg University:

Students at their graduation ceremony

Career orientation

Student Career Services is happy to help you prepare for your career and supports your transition to the labor market. They are there for you from the moment you embark on your studies, until one year after your graduation.

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