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Sociology and Social Research (Double degree)

2 years English Starts end of August

Become an expert in political research, social policy, and solving social cohesion related-issues by combining the Sociology Master’s programs from Tilburg University and the University of Trento (Italy). Focus on political and qualitative research at the University of Trento and learn to translate societal problems into sociological research to evaluate and derive new policies at Tilburg University.

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Program and courses

Get two full Master's degrees by studying at two outstanding academic institutions in Europe. You will spend your first year in Trento (Italy) and your second year in Tilburg. Become an expert in political research, social policy, and solving social cohesion-related issues, by combining the Sociology Master's programs from Tilburg University and the University of Trento. Focus on political research, social policy, and qualitative research at the University of Trento, and learn to translate societal problems into sociological research in order to evaluate current and create new policies at Tilburg University.

  • You will receive small-scaleinteractive education and individual thesis supervision.
  • You only write one Master's thesis.
  • You can choose to extend your Master's program by doing an internship which adds half a year (30 ECTS) to the program.
  • Tailor the program to your own interests to create an individual, unique profile.
  • At Tilburg University, you can choose one of the three tracks:
    • The SociologyPolitics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective track focuses on translating societal problems into sociological research from both micro (family, social networks, crime) and macro perspectives (welfare state, solidarity) in order to evaluate current policy and to derive new ones. 
    • The Health, Wellbeing and Society track combines scientific insights from sociology and health sciences. Through a strong collaboration with healthcare organizations, you will become a specialist in the field of healthcare policy, societal resilience, and health and wellbeing.
    • The Politics, Policy and Societal Development track gives you a different perspective on sustainable development based on theories and methods pertinent to the Global Management of Social Issues discipline. This specialization addresses societal issues and sustainable development from a sociological perspective

Typical courses are:

  • Culture and Lifestyles
  • Research Methods in History
  • Social Policy and Social Risks
  • Politics and Society in Comparative Perspective

More on the program and courses

  • Angelica Maineri - Double Degee in Sociology and Social Research

    Angelica Maineri

    Junior Researcher Tilburg University

    The teaching style at Tilburg University is challenging and interesting, the campus is full of facilities and the courses provide a really high-quality learning environment.

  • Lucilla Losi

    Lucilla Losi

    PhD Student at Aarhus University

    My Double degree program has adequately prepared me for the challenges of pursuing a PhD, while the international component has been beneficial on both personal and academic levels.

Career prospects

The MSc Sociology Double Degree program is a broad, international-oriented program that can lead to employment in a wide range of fields and jobs in Europe and beyond. You could work in fields such as labor and employment, culture, welfare, recreation, education, or health care for a wide range of employers, including government institutions, private companies and research agencies.

Examples of our graduates' first jobs:

  • Policy officer
  • Management trainee at Alliander 
  • Junior policy advisor & researcher at ARQ Knowledge Center 

Alumni facts

  • 70% of our alumni find a job within 6 months after graduation
  • 82% would choose the same program again, at the same university
  • 72% of the graduates is (very) satisfied with the program

Source: National Alumni Survey, recent graduates 2021 | n=11

More on your career prospects

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Application and admission

This program starts:

At the end of August (in Trento, Italy). 

Best preparatory programs:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Social Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Culture Studies
  • Human Resource Studies
  • Organization and Management Studies
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

Pre-Master’s program:

Half-year (30 ECTS) pre-Master’s program available if your previous program is relevant but does not meet the required entry-level, for example, a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences. Please note that the pre-Master’s program starts in Tilburg and has two intake moments (end of August and end of January).

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students find all information about tuition fees and scholarships here.

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More information on this Master's program

Create your own e-brochure with information on program content, admission requirements, career prospects, and student life in Tilburg. Throughout the year you can take part in various types of events: on-campus, abroad or online.

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