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In addition to the regular language courses, it is also possible to follow or purchase a customised language course at the Language Center. This can be done individually or in groups, for groups of two or more participants.

Students Tilburg University

Perhaps you would like to prepare for a presentation at a conference or an interview in English, or you need individual coaching in fluency and pronunciation. Together with members of your study association you want to follow a language and culture course as preparation for a study trip to China or Brazil. Or you would like to take a 'Your first words Dutch' lesson together with other international students. The possibilities are endless and the course can be completely tailored to your wishes in terms of content, level and duration. An experienced teacher offers guidance during the course.

An individual language course costs students from Tilburg University € 130 per lesson hour. 

Educational staff and higher professional education students

In an educational world, knowledge of a foreign language is almost indispensable. This applies to higher professional education as much as it does to that of our own university.

If you are considering purchasing a language course for your higher professional education (hbo) students or educational staff, then you have come to the right place at Tilburg University's Language Center.  Over the years, we have provided numerous courses and training courses for educational institutions. Here are a few examples:

  • HAS International Food & Agribusiness – Customized Spanish language courses
  • Fontys School for Fine and Performing Arts – Winter course Dutch Beginners for International Students
  • TiasNimbas Business School - Academic writing for PhD researchers
  • Higher Education for Seniors (HOVO) – Cultural courses ‘The Character of China’ and ‘Giro d’Italia’
  • Fontys Economic University of Applied Sciences - Module thesis writing

Tilburg University Staff

Are you looking for a more specific language course than the standard courses we offer here? Would you, for example, want to work with a group of colleagues on specific field-related topics? Would you like to receive individual tutoring? In that case, it is possible to arrange a custom-made course. The contents, level, and duration of the course is determined together to meet your specific needs and wishes.

Group Training
Individual Training
Including a language course in the curriculum

Interested in a customised course?  

We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities with regard to content, duration and frequency of the language course. Together we will then put up a tailor-made language course.

Dutch Patty van Bielder
English Linda Mous
Other Languages Cristina Irún Chavarría