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Tailor-made training courses Language Center

The Language Center can develop a tailor-made course or training program with you to suit the needs of your specific participants.

Would you like to work with a group of colleagues on specific skills? Would you like an introductory workshop in a particular language? Or do you want to be coached individually? In that case, it is possible to organize a tailor-made training program or course. The content, level, and duration of the course will be determined together with you so that they exactly match the specific wishes of the participants.

Some examples of tailor-made training programs are

  • a course or workshop ‘English for Teaching Purposes’ for lecturers;
  • an individual program Chinese;
  • an intensive Dutch course for international employees;
  • individual coaching “Presenting in German” for a conference;
  • a training course “English Speaking Skills” for HR professionals.

The costs of such training programs depend on the duration and exact content of the training.

For Tilburg University students and staff, an individual language course costs € 144 per hour* (including preparation time). The rate for external participants is € 170 per hour*.

(* rate 2023)

Are you interested in a tailor-made training program?

We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities in terms of content, duration, and frequency.

Coordinator DutchLisa Duenk
Coordinator EnglishLinda Mous
Coordinator Foreign LanguagesCristina Irún