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Course lists Master’s programs TSB national application procedure

In order to be admitted to one of the Master's programs of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB), the TSB Examination Committee assesses your application for admission based on the course lists below. These course lists are part of the national application procedure.

Please note

  • You are only required to complete one of the course lists below and upload it as part of your application if you obtained your previous university education in the Netherlands.
  • Do you want to apply with a diploma from a non-Dutch educational institution, including those in Belgium and the Dutch Caribbean? Then you must follow the course lists for student with a non-Dutch diploma.

The course lists for the national application procedure can be downloaded per program via the url’s below

In the course list you must indicate which equivalent courses you have taken.

MSc Social Psychology

Concerning the tracks: Economic Psychology and Work and Organizational Psychology.

MSc Psychology and Mental Health

Concerning the tracks: Positive Psychology and Well-being and Cognitive Neuropsychology

MSc Organization Studies

MSc Human Resource Studies

MSc Sociology